For the Dutch staatsbosbeheer we performed the re-inspections and the primary inspections of all the open cruise ships. In case of the 2 vessels which had to receive their primary inspection we organised the complete process.


  • Measured the ships and we formalized a so called general plan.
  • Made the official drawings of the necessary adjustments for the vessels. For example we had to make a forehead shot and a number of adjustments in the main engine room.
  • Had the drawings officially approved by the correct instance.
  • Lifted the vessels out of the water by crane for a hull inspection.
  • Re-engined the vessels with the CCR 2 engine.
  • Organised a complete conversion for the hydraulic system.
  • Executed a sling test to ensure the final permitted amount of people on board.
  • Supplied all the necessary safety issues on board like floating cushions, life jackets and life buoys.
  • Provided the vessels with a definitive certificate for 43 persons.

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