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We take the worry out of project-based work. J&J Nautical Projects specialises in carrying out projects for the shipping industry. Our business can oversee the various processes or take on responsibility for implementation of the complete project plan, allowing you to focus on other management activities. Our experience gained throughout Europe means that we know the shipping industry through and through. J&J Nautical Projects is run by Jurjen Eerkens and Jan Passmann.test
  • Inspection of vessel
  • Shipyard planning
  • Support with construction
  • Safety inspections
  • Sea transports
  • Management
Since April 2024, J&J Nautical Projects BV has been part of the Unicef ​​program and network. In this way we hope to make a small difference in the lives of many children.

Quality policy

J&J Nautical Projects is committed to providing the highest quality in service by consistently and continuously meeting the requirements of our customers whilst following all relevant international quality and safety standards, law and regulations. The essence of our added value lies in confidence, quality and responsiveness.

This is achieved by establishing & discharging managerial & operational processes, which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and established experience in the shipping Industry.

J&J Nautical Projects aims to remain a quality service provider by:
1. Establishing and communicating measurable & consistent objectives and performance targets to company employees and subcontractors.
2. Operating vessels without accidents or incidents that could endanger company’s employees, subcontractors, the environment or assets under company’s care.
3. Developing employee and subcontractors skills and increasing their contribution through effective training and feedback.
4. Ontime and complete informing our customers and other stakeholders about pending projects.
5. Minimization of vessels waiting time through efficient planning of people, procedures and equipment.

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Jurjen Eerkens

Jurjen Eerkens has studied Civil Engineering and was Chief Mechanic and Captain on both container and river cruise ships. Due to his technical background he was involved with the first Hydrofoil ship in The Netherlands. He was previously nautical director for technical matters with a large cruise company. With other partners, he also set up a well-known cruise management company in Europe, where he was responsible for the nautical and technical side. As an external construction supervisor, he was involved in many new construction projects.

He is in possession of all possible captain licences and an inland shipping expert. The ‘Zoute Veren’ certificate was added to this list at the beginning of 2022. Finally, Jurjen is a member of the Green Award Board of Experts.


Jan Passmann

Jan Passmann, who has a family background in the shipping trade, became interested in shipping at an early age. After qualifying as a maritime officer, he followed courses in inland navigation. These qualifications enabled him to take charge of vessels in the Netherlands and later in Greece and Switzerland. After setting up his own company in Indonesia, he returned to the Netherlands, where he took up a position as a nautical and technical manager with a Dutch company specialising in party cruises. He was also responsible for building and operating the famous Pancake Boat in Amsterdam.

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